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Mindful Play

Mindful Play

A Mindful Corner.

I'd firstly like to welcome you all to the beginning of what will be many blogs to be. We are beyond excited to have Tate Herschell from @sunkissedfolk be our resident blogger to bring you the most magical of play set ups! I am constantly inspired by the incredible and mindful setups she brings to the table. Enjoy xx

Firstly welcome and thank you for reading this is our first (hopefully one of many 🙈) blog posts so be gentle haha. 

Let’s talk about setting up a mindful corner for our little ones and even us, will begin with the why. We have set up a mindful corner for our little ones to go to whenever they feel the need (yes the mat and mindful goodies are set up all the time not all at once, and we change it up every now and then eg affirmations, books, resources etc). Our Little ones have HUGE feelings that they have no idea how to process or even comprehend (most feelings are new to them) so in turn results in a “Tantrum, Hissy fit, throwing, yelling whatever you may call it”. We have called our Onya mat “the calm mat” as they understand this, and when either or both of them are going through an emotion they aren’t able to regulate or understand we can calmly ask they try the calm mat and start by breathing slowly. 

Then after a few breaths we will add in a mindful resource like, a book, some affirmations, or fidget bag, yoga, crystals, breathe board and so on. And once we have grounded down a little, we are able to talk about it, this is where books come in very handy!! We are crazy book lovers, and I find them very easy to run with especially on feelings and emotions they’re a lot more engaging for little ones and easy for them to depict the picture in-front of them turning the images/words into something they can relate to (the feeling). 

Let’s talk about the how to... 

You really don’t need much to start off with a mat, even a rug somewhere nice and calming to sit. (Please don’t view the photos as overwhelming our mindful corner didn’t happen over night.)

Then you add as you like, to what suits the space your trying to create for your little ones. Don’t over think it, remember calm, relaxing, minimal yet inviting for the child and welcoming. You want it to feel like a safe space to share feelings and emotions and create positive mindful energies. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what we generally have, and often rotate to keep it fresh, new and inviting. 

Some indoor plants for cleaning the air, Onya round Mat, a yoga mat each (which we will roll out if they want to do some yoga), Affirmation Cards, Endless books, Yoga cards, Mindfulness prompt cards, Array of Whimsy Board, fidget bag, Mindfulness prompt Dice, Mindful & co Coloring Books, yoga cards,Pencils, Memory & Snap. 

And that’s it, you can begin or add to your own little mindfulness journey for your little ones and your self. Please feel free to contact us or tag us in your setups we’d love to see as we are forever inspired. 

Thank you so much. 

Tate @thesunkissedfolk  ✨🌙

Credit to the following brands used in images. 

Intention board - Little Potion Co, Sorting bowls Kala & Kai, Cards - Whole Beings, Play dough - Let's Dough.

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