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A Mindful Easter Nature Hanger

A Mindful Easter Nature Hanger

Who’s ready for Easter? And who thought yesterday was Christmas Because yep same ... 


Either way the hype is real with a 4 yo and a 2yo so we decided to start our Easter Sessions this week, starting with A Nature Easter Hanger. 


Will give you a little step by step and the background of our mindfully chosen pieces. We had raided our crafts crate for literally the last lot of Air Dry Clay we had, rolling it out the kids ended up with 4 clay pieces each. 


We then went for a walk and picked a very small bowl full of small fresh flowers ready for our flower press (will come back to this). 

Once we came back it was decorating time. We had chosen everything we already had to decorate with. But you could always go for a big walk and collect everything from Nature eg feathers, leaves, sticks and so on. I also decided to add in the PVA Glue option just to ensure everything actually stuck (we’ve used air dry clay in the past and as soon as it dried everything feel off). 


They kids had a few choices of decorating materials with some Crystal confetti (mini crystal chips), Dried Flowers and our Fave Bio Glitter (The Glitter Tribe) and their imaginations ran wild with some crystal chips being used as Eyes or Tails for the bunny and then yep the whole Mini bowls of glitter being poured all over each piece 😂 and because the clay is still soft the crystal chips could be pushed into it (they loved that part). 


Once they where done I used the end of a very fine paint brush to poke holes in the top of each piece. 


And now we wait till they dry..... 


I usually leave our Air Dry Clay pieces overnight so they’re completely done and ready for the next step. Once dry we thread some twine through each hole and tie each piece to the driftwood collected by our babes down the beach. Then with our pressed flowers from earlier alongside some dried flowers decorate the driftwood because as miss 4 said “it just all needs to be pretty mama”.


Then using the twine again tie one piece up at either end to hang up on the wall. And voila we have our Mindful Easter Hanger...


What does a mindful Easter mean to you? 

Do you do the Chocolate thing or make egg alternatives? 

Do you do Mainstream eggs or vegan eggs? 

Do you go with the BIG brands or support the small guys? 

Do you DIY Crafts or do your babes bring their beautiful creations home from school/kinder? 



I hope you have a beautiful and Happy Easter shared with the ones you love. 

Tate Hershell


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